Cloud Marketing 101 & API’s FTW!

We are doing a special SXSW Event with our friends Claire & Randall from Stormpath, who will be visiting Austin from San Mateo, CA. Come on out for 2 talks on Cloud Marketing 101 and API Design 101. This will be epic!

Cloud Marketing 101: How to Market Your Cloud Product 

You pour blood, sweat and tears into your API, open source and weekend projects – let’s make sure they get the attention they deserve! We’ll go through real-world examples of tactics developers can do to attract attention to their work. Beyond growth hacking and that first post to Hacker News, we’ll look at high-value marketing maneuvers that will drive usage, but won’t make you feel like a dirty huckster.

To Infinity and Beyond! Scaling Your Stack with Service Oriented Architecture

Abstract: Service Oriented Architecture is a proven design pattern which allows you to simplify your codebase, seamlessly scale your service, reduce engineering frustrations — and even helps lessen hosting costs. Come learn what SOA is, why it’s useful, and take a look at an in-depth technical overview of SOA, and how it can help your organization. Delight your engineers (and business people!) by building your product on top of simple, REST API services.

Speaker Bio’s:

Claire Hunsaker is an experienced startup marketer. She focuses on building tools and support for Stormpath developer communities and strategic partnerships. Claire has an MBA from Stanford, and prior to Stormpath, she worked in marketing, customer development and product roles at LiveOps and Samasource. On weekends, she’s a Pythonista, knitting junkie and trail runner. 

Randall Degges is a Developer Evangelist at Stormpath, where he builds various open source projects, client libraries, and developer tools. You might also see him at hackathons, conferences, and meetups — talking about API development, security, and scalability. Before Stormpath, Randall was the CTO of the largest Caller ID API company in the world: OpenCNAM.

Sponsored by: Stormpath

Guaranteed to be epic! RSVP Now

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Docker Docker Docker!


We’re kicking off 2014 by talking about Docker- the Linux container engine!

If you’ve been trying to figure out what Docker is about, how to use it and where to use it, then this is the meetup for you. We’ll be doing user presentations on what folks are currently doing with Docker in their projects (either personal or at work)!

Our speakers (so far):

  • Paul Czarkowski
  • Ian Richardson
  • Narasimha Tadepalli
  • James Wickett

If you are already using Docker on your personal project or at work? Then we’d love to hear what you are doing with it- consider presenting your usecase or how you are using Docker. Just comment on the meetup group, and we’ll add you to the speaker list.

See y’all at Rackspace Austin on the 21st at 6pm- RSVP now!


The kind folks at Canonical will be sponsoring this meetup!

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12 Clouds of Christmas!

12 Clouds of Christmas!

Join us for our next meetup! Our annual tradition where we have series of timed 5 minute lightning demos given by you, the cloud practitioners of the greater Austin area, on topics that would interest other cloud practitioners!

Want to speak?

Let us know, by signing up here:

See y’all on December 10th, at 6pm at Rackspace Austin.


Thank you to sponsors!

  • Food Sponsor: AWS
  • Booze: Phoenix Staffing
  • Door Prizes: This could be you!


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Hadoop it up!

This november, we will be talking about Hadoop in the Cloud with Nirmal Ranganathan, which was also presented at Strata this year. Come join us on Tuesday, November 19th @6pm @Rackspace Austin!

Sponsorship: Phoenix Staff

Speaker: Nirmal Ranganathan on Hadoop in the Cloud, which he also presented at Strata!


Among the advantages of cloud computing are faster access to compute and storage resources and utility pricing. As a user, you have numerous options for general-purpose servers in the cloud but for Hadoop™, your options are far more limited. In addition to benefits there may be some key considerations to be mindful of when approaching a Hadoop™ environment in the cloud. We’ll discuss some of the use cases for when a virtual Hadoop™ cluster makes sense and share some of our experiences and some of the decisions that drove the product design of Rackspace Cloud Big Data; an upcoming HDP as a service offering from Rackspace Hosting. Built on the Openstack™ framework; Rackspace Cloud Big Data is an enterprise grade Hortonworks distribution that can be provisioned in minutes and offers a full toolset and feature selection common in the HDP distribution. The offering addressed many of the caveats to architecting Hadoop™ on Openstack™ and addressed serving these instances to a large audience at scale.

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October Monitorama

Oh yeah! We’re back this October talking everything under the monitoring umbrella. Like the logging meetup in July, we’re opening this up to 15 minute presentations about what/how YOU use monitoring tools out there. If you are interested in presenting, please send us an email at or comment below with your topic and name and we’ll add you to the agenda.

The Lineup:

-Datadog (James Wickett)

-Rackspace Cloud Monitoring (Russell Haering)

-NewRelic (Karthik)

-Compuware APM (Michael Masterson)

-Zabbix (Greg Swift)

-Copperegg (Mike Raab and John Wyles)

-Copperegg- Situational Awareness (Boyd Hemphill)

-Operating Monitoring Systems at Scale with Opensource tools (Anand)

-Riverbed APM (Peco Karayanev)

-Zenoss (Alex Corley)

When: Tuesday, October 15th @ 6pm

Signup here:

Event Sponsor:


Minjar: We help businesses migrate, monitor and scale their applications on the Amazon Web Services platform

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September Double Header! Azure Autoscaling and Distributed Systems at Scale

When: Tuesday, September 17th @ 6pm
Signup here

Food Sponsor: EA
Giveaway Sponsor: Compuware APM

*New* Location: Rackspace (9001 N I H 35 #150, Austin, TX)

Talk #1: Hands-on with Azure AutoScale

Azure AutoScale was announced at the 2013 Build Conference at the end of June.  To date, very little has been written about it.  We set up an application and loaded it down to see how AutoScale reacts.

Aaron Murray

Aaron Murray knows Technology and Business, and brings the two together with passion and flare. He is currently the leader of all things tech at the massively successful Austin company BuildASign.

Stephen Balkum

Stephen Balkum has been leading best-of-breed teams for over a decade and knows the difference between a technology company and a business that needs enabling technology.  He heads up Software Engineering at BuildASign.

Talk #2: Building Resource Efficient Distributed Systems At Scale

To provide the world’s first ever search engine for data, Datafiniti crawls over 50 million web pages and indexes terabytes worth of data every day using a mix of both dedicated and volunteer compute resources. Those resources are continuously utilized to power a suite of applications involved in data collection, cleanup, storage and presentation. To date our architecture has been fairly static but in this talk we intend to share our plans and initial work on converting both our hardware and software infrastructure into a more dynamic substrate that can serve our ever changing needs. We believe the primary use of our compute resources (globally distributed web crawling) brings a fresh set of challenges to existing tools, techniques and frameworks for building resource-efficient distributed systems.

The speaker’s name is Michael Pellon, who is an Operations Engineer at Datafiniti.

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August Meetup: Using Java and Cloud to Build a Mobile App Performance Monitoring Solution

For this month, our own @PrabhatJha will talk to us about the different technologies that fit together to build out InstaOps, an Austin based startup that was acquired by Apigee. In addition, there will be an audience challenge! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

When: Tuesday, August 20th @ 6pm
Signup here:

Abstract :

InstaOps, a small start up based in Austin, which was acquired by Apigee and is now known as Apigee Mobile Analytics, used several Java and Java EE based frameworks along with Amazon Web Services such as SQS, S3, IAM, EC2 to build a real time mobile app performance analytics solution in cloud. Along with demo, this session will talk about reasoning behind using these technologies and how the architecture evolved to build a distributed and elastic solution that processes and visualizes real time events happening across thousands of mobile devices.

Audience Challenge!!!!

Prabhat would like to challenge attendees to pre-register and give iOS or Android SDK a shot. You will get a Starbucks gift card if you can show him that you were able to send some data to Apigee’s dashboard.  See  iOS and Android docs . Recent stats show that it takes around 20 minutes from registration to do basic integration of our SDK.

Bio: Prabhat Jha is currently director of software development at Apigee. He most recently co-founded InstaOps, now a part of Apigee Inc, that provides real time application performance analytics and management of mobile apps. He previously worked for several years at Red Hat where he was involved with multiple JBoss Projects including Infinispan, Portal Platform and Richfaces. On his spare time, he helps run a non profit called Eejot which helps with computer literacy in remote villages of Nepal.

6:00-6:10 Mix and mingle
6:10-6:15 Group business and “what’s new in the cloud” group discussion.
6:15-8:00 Feature Presentation



Slides from the Presentation:

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Hello & Welcome!

Cloud Austin is an open meetup group that has been meeting to talk about topics in cloud computing since 2010 in the ATX!

We meet once a month, typically on the 3rd Tuesday at Rackspace. Join our Meetup group to stay informed on future meetups!

  • CloudAustin Monthly Meeting
    Cloud Austin Hi folks, We'll announce topics for each month's meeting at and here a week before the event. Austin Cloud User Group is an group of cloud professionals working together who meetup every month to talk about the latest happenings in the Cloud Computing space, collaborate on ideas to solve problems, and share our k […]
Meet @Rackspace
We meet at Rackspace on the third Tuesday of every month from 6 - 8 PM.

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